Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Victim 1975 Mimsy Farmer Italian locandina

Autopsy (1975) - (Mimsy Farmer) Italian locandina

This is a 12" x 26.75" Italian locandina for the 1975 Armando Crispino film Autopsy AKA The Victim written by Lucio Battistrada and Armando Crispino and starring Mimsy Farmer as Simona Sanna. Plot summary: In Rome there is a wave of suicides being attributed to a summer heat wave. Simona Sanna is a medical intern working in a morgue who must document the deaths, but one of the arrivals is shown to be a murder made to appear as a suicide. When Simona begins working on the mystery the killer starts stalking her.

Cast and crew: Armando Crispino, Lucio Battistrada, Mimsy Farmer, Barry Primus, Ray Lovelock, Carlo Cataneo, Angela Goodwin, Gaby Wagner, Massimo Serato, Ernesto Colli, Leonardo Severini, Eleonora Morana, Antonio Casale, Giovanni Di Benedetto, Pier Giovanni Anchisi, Maria Pia Attanasio, Sergio Sinceri

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