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Fatmah فاطمة (Om Kolsum) - (1947) Egyptian rerelease poster

Fatmah (1947) - (Om Kolsum) Egyptian undated rerelease poster

This is an Egyptian rerelease promotional poster designed by Wahib Fahmy for the 125-minute 1947 black-and-white Ahmed Badrakhan film Fatmah starring Om Kolsum based on a story by Mustafa Amin with cinematography by Abdelhalim Nasr. Plot summary: Fatmah (Om Kolsum), a polite young nurse, was given the task of overseeing a pasha's treatment. When the pasha's brother Fathy (Anwar Wagdy) saw her he was taken by her beauty and the sweetness of her voice when she sang. He fell in love with her and tried to attract her in various ways but failed to arouse any interest. While he had a fierce desire for her, he did not find any way other than marriage, so he actually took her under marriage contract as a common law wife and had a honeymoon with her in Alexandria. He returned with her, but they had to live together in her humble home in one of the neighborhoods in view of his father's anger about what had happened. Fathy could not tolerate living there or interacting with the people of that neighborhood, and he left after he was fed up with it. Chance led him to the villa of Mervat (Zuzu Shakeeb), an aristocratic girl. He made preparations to marry her also because he had already promised her he would do that. Fathy found that this was the way to please his father the pasha, and he returned to his father's mansion forgetting his wife the nurse. His father asked him to get the marriage paper from this nurse and he finally succeeded in doing so, but only after Fatmah had made a photocopy of it. Fathy abandoned Fatmah but she had become pregnant by him and had his child, although he denied it. The people in the neighborhood met and decided to raise the issue of Fathy. In the midst of these events Fathy adjusted his wife Mervat to the situation and hurried to Fatmah's house to ask her forgiveness. He was struck by an automobile on the way, just when he had awakened to return to Fatmah with regret for what he had done and acknowledge his relationship to her son.

Cast and crew: Mustafa Amin, Om Kolsum, Suleiman Naguib, Zuzu Shakeeb, Anwar Wagdi, Saneya Shawky, Ahmed Badrakhan, Abdelhalim Nasr, Mimi Shakeeb, Hassan Fayek, Ferdoos Mohammad

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