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The Complaints of Girls شقاوة بنات (Soad Hosny) - (1963) Egyptian one-sheet

The Complaints of Girls (1963) - (Soad Hosny) Egyptian one-sheet

This is an Egyptian promotional poster for the 1963 85-minute Houssam El-Din Mustafa black-and-white film The Complaints of Girls starring Soad Hosny as Amani based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Adly El-Mowalid and with cinematography by Masud Isa. Plot summary: The story is set in the time before the 1952 23 July revolution. When the sons of Sheikh Salem, [Hussein Assar] who supervised Mahmoud Bey's [Adly Kasseb] farm, graduated from high school he decided to enroll them at Cairo University. Sheikh Salem went to Mahmoud Bey for help but he was against the idea of educating the children of farmers so Sheikh Salem's wife [Fatheya Ali] decided to sell her gold so she could send their boys Ibrahim and Ali to the university. Mahmoud Bey was angry and demanded that Sheikh Salem send his daughter Amani to work for him as a maid at his mansion. Despite the entreaties and tears of her parents Amani [Soad Hosny] had to go there and work as a maid, even though she had played with Mahmoud Bey's son Hossam [Ahmed Ramzi] since she was a child and they had fallen in love forever. However now she was a maid and because of that his father chose Shen Shen [Nawal Abul Foutouh] for him, the daughter of Prime Minister Al-Izmerli Pasha. Because of that marriage Mahmoud Bey was able to obtain money, an endowment and more wealth. Amani was angry about her childhood friend Hossam's proposal to Shen Shen, and she insulted her when she was walking with Hossam. Mahmoud Bey struck her with a whip, whereupon she ran away and got on a train to Cairo to look for her brothers. Her brothers Ibrahim and Ali had opened a sandwich stand inside the university to manage their expenses and their classmates were helping them. Amani came to support them. She worked with them and quickly became acquainted with their friends. She became so stylish that her brothers Ibrahim and Ali almost did not know her. For this reason Hossam, her childhood friend and a student at the same university, did not recognize her. Hossam loved Amani's new look and wanted to tell her he was in love with her, but one day she came to him in peasant clothes and told him who she was. Although he initially rebelled, in the end he asked her brother Ibrahim for her hand and love won the day despite the opposition from Sheikh Salem and Mahmoud Bey.

Cast and crew: Houssam El-Din Mustafa, Soad Hosny, Ahmed Ramzy, Youssef Fakhreddine, Adly El-Mowalid, Masud Isa, Hassan Fayek, Abu Bakr Ezzat, Nawal Abul Foutouh, Adly Kasseb, Hussein Assar, Samira Mohsen, Mokhtar Amin, Nadia Al-Naqrashi, Nagy Esmail, Karima Al-Sharif, Qadria Kamel, Fatheya Ali

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