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Forbidden Love ممنوع الحب (Mohamed Abdel Wahab) - (1942) Egyptian rerelease one-sheet

Forbidden Love (1942) - (Mohamed Abdel Wahab) undated Egyptian rerelease one-sheet

This undated rerelease poster by an unknown designer advertises a 120-minute black-and-white film by groundbreaking director Mohammed Karim based on the William Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet adapted by Abbas Alam with screenplay and dialogue by Mohamed Karim, cinematography by Mohamed Abdel Azim and musical score and lyrics by Mohamed Abdel Wahab. Plot Summary: Engineer Aziz [Mohamed Abdel Wahab] had to go to his home town after receiving a telegram about his father's death. On the train he met Fekria [Ragaa Abdou] and they were attracted to each other. It became clear the she was going to the same town but after his arrival he found that the telegram was just a trick his father had played to force him to go back to his home town to help him in the election campaign against his arch rival. Aziz also found that Fakria was the daughter of his father's rival and that he was actually her enemy. Aziz tried to get close to Fakria and talk her into making peace between the two families by marrying him. Fakria convinced her father that she would marry Aziz to get revenge against him and his father, and Aziz did the same thing. Both sets of parents tried to torment each other through their children, but Aziz and Fakria married and were deeply in love. The families visited the couple and pretended in front of them to go along with the previous agreement. The parents soon discovered that the couple had betrayed them and were happily in love. Aziz took the opportunity to convince the parents to make peace and come to terms. He succeeded in this, especially after one family's son married the daughter of another family; there were grandchildren at the end of the film.

Cast and crew: Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Negat Ali, Mohammed Karim, Ragaa Abdou, Mohamed Abdel Azim, Abdel Waress Assar, Samia Gamal, Hassan Kamel, William Shakespeare, Abbas Alam, Mohamed Abdel Azim, Madiha Yousri, Leila Fawzi, Souraya Fakhry, Aziza Badr, Abdel Hamid Zaki, Zeinat Sedki, Amin Wahba

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