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Forbidden Happiness [السعادة المحرمة] Amina Rizk (1948) Egyptian one-sheet

Forbidden Happiness (1948) - (Amina Rizk) Egyptian one-sheet

This is an original Egyptian stone lithograph film poster by an unknown designer for the 1948 El-Sayed Ziada 140-minute black-and-white film Forbidden Happiness [al-sa'ada al-mahrama] starring Amina Rizk (1910-2003) based on a story by Aly Al-Zarkany with screenplay and dialogue by El-Sayed Ziada and cinematography by Abdel Aziz Fahmy. Plot summary: Amina and Fouad loved each other and enjoyed their lives. They were watched enviously by the wealthy old Tawfiq Bey, who wanted the girl for his own wife, hated the boy Amina loved and was made miserable by their happiness together. The man ordered one of his assistants to dispense with with the boy, brought the girl to his home by force and married her. She submitted because her beloved had disappeared and she did not know anything about what had happened to him. The months went by and Amina gave birth to a son by Fouad named Raouf, whom Tawfiq treated cruelly. Tawfiq died and left a will providing that his wife would be not be allowed to inherit his vast fortune if she married anyone after he was gone. The miserable wife discovered that her beloved Fouad had been in hiding and had escaped the attempt to kill him. She went back to him, they became committed to their marriage and she turned her back on the oppressive man's wealth.

Cast and crew: Amina Rizk, Mohsen Sarhan, Mansi Fahmi, Doria Ahmed, Hassan Fayek, Ismail Yasseen, Aly Al-Zarkany, Kamal Al-Shennawi, Abdel Aziz Fahmy, Doria Ahmed, Naima Gamal, Fatheya Chahine, Afaf Shaker, Mohamed Kamel, Anwar Hasuna, Mousen Hassanein, Ma'ali Mostafa, Mimi Aziz, Mahmoud Al-Araby, Abdel Moneim Seoudi

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