Thursday, February 21, 2013

The High الكيف (Mahmoud Abdel Aziz) - (1985) Egyptian one-sheet

The High [al-keif] (1985) - (Mahmoud Abdel Aziz) Egyptian film poster

This Egyptian film poster was designed by Al-Khad to promote the 1985 115-minute Ali Abdel Khalek color film The High [al-keif] starring Mahmoud Abdel Aziz with story, screenplay and dialogue by Mahmoud Abou Zeid and cinematography by Mamoun Ata. Plot summary: After Gamal (Mahmoud Abdel Aziz) failed with his studies he worked as a musician in a wedding band. His brother Salah (Yehia El-Fakharany) tried to get him to stop using narcotics and gave him a harmless substitute made in a lab. He advised him to use it and give it to his friends for the protection of their health. Gamal gave the synthetic material to a drug dealer. The drug dealer gave it to the gang leader (Fouad Khalil), who liked it and added some of the narcotic material to it. He sold the compound on the market, which reduced the demand for narcotics; then he asked Gamal to supply the quantities needed to meet the market need. He convinced him of the need to exploit the situation, especially since the compound just provided drug abusers with the illusion of a high. Gamal decided to record a vocal music tape. Salah discoverd the gang was mixing his compound with the narcotic material and decided to stop supplying them, but the gang kidnapped him and injected him with morphine until he became an addict and had to prepare the goods for them. The music cassette Gamal recorded was a hit.

Cast and crew: Ali Abdel-Khalek, Ahdey Sadek, Abdulah Mosharraf, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Noura, Yehia al-Fakharani, Gamil Ratib, Mamoun Ata, Fouad Khalil, Youssef Eid, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mohieddin Abdel Mohsen, Aly El Cherif, Hoda Kamal, Karim Abuzeid, Lama Al-Amir, Ashraf Nassar, Salem Mostafa, Salah Khalifa, Amal Helmy, Mahmoud Abou Zeid

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