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Delight of My Eyes نور عيوني (Naima Akef) - (1954) two two-piece Egyptian posters

Delight of My Eyes (1954) - (Naima Akef) two Egyptian two-sheet posters

Shown here are a pair of two-piece promotional posters for the 1956 Hussein Fawzi 120-minute black-and-white film Delight of My Eyes starring Naima Akef based on a story by Zoheir Bakir, with screenplay and dialogue by Zoheir Bakir and Hussein Fawzi and cinematography by Mohamed Abdel Azim. Plot Summary: The show dancer Nour Ol-Oyoun worked at the Al-Kawakeb theater managed by Hanafi, who at the same time was the boss of a counterfeiting gang. Hanafi fell in love with Nour Ol-Oyoun, spent lavishly on her and offered her marriage, but the girl loved her neighbor the musician Adel who sang with her in the same group, and they were a successful performing pair. Hanafi was extremely jealous and tried to dispense with Adel so he could marry Nour Ol-Oyoun. He devised a plan in which Adel was accused of murdering one of the musicians and was arrested. However Nour Ol-Oyoun extracted a confession of the crime from Hanafi after making him believe she loved him and then Hanafi was arrested. Adel was released from prison and married Nour Ol-Oyoun.

Cast and crew: Mahmoud El-Meliguy, Mona Fouad, Zeinat Sedki, Hassan Fayek, Karem Mahmoud, Naima Akef, Hussein Fawzi, Mohamed Abdel Azim, Zoheir Bakir, Mohamed Shawky, Mounir Al-Fangari, Mousen Hassanein, Mohamed Sabih, Adib Al-Tarabosli, Ezzat al-Gaheli, Abbas al-Dali, Soheir Abdou, Fifi Saeed, Abdel Moneim Bassioni

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