Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Fists, the Kicks and the Evils (R1986)

The Fists, the Kicks and the Evils (R1986) - (Phillip Ko) Egyptian film poster

This is an Egyptian 1986 rerelease poster for the 1979 Lu Po Tu film The Fists, the Kicks and the Evils, original Chinese title He quan, with art by Abdul-Fathy, printed by Abdul-Fathy's House of the Friends of Printing, another printing house owned by the artist like the Arabic Cinema Printers owned by the painter Hassan Mazhar Gasour. Cast and crew: Tso Nam Lee, Phillip Ko, Feng Ku, Siu-Lung Leung, Bolo Yeung, Lu Po Tu, Feng Ku, Lau Chan, Cheng Chiang, Ho Chiu Kei, Hok Nin Lau, Ke Ming Lin, Ni Liu, Yuen Liu, Mei Mei, Wong Chung-tzu Ricky, Tau Wan Yue

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