Monday, June 10, 2013

Take Care of Zuzu خلي بالك من زوزو Soad Hosny (1972) Egyptian one-sheet

Take Care of Zuzu (1972) - (Soad Hosny) Egyptian film poster

Art by Ahmed Fouad, printed in Cairo by Arabic Cinema Printers. This film is on film critic Ahmad Al-Hadari's 2007 list of the 100 most important Egyptian films. It tells the story of Zuzu (Soad Hosny), a member of a family of entertainers and dancers who is attending a university. Zuzu encounters difficult conflicts when she is forced to confront Egyptian society's stubborn prejudice against those who make a living in the entertainment business.

Cast and crew: Soad Hosny, Hassan Al Imam, Taheya Cariocca, Hussein Fahmy, Shafik Galal, Salah Jahine, Sameer Ghanem, Nabila El Sayed, Abdelhalim Nasr, Abbas Fares, Zuzu Shakeeb, Ali Gohar, Mustafa Metwalli, Wahid Seif, Mohammad Metwalli, Mohsen Nasr, Nadia Zaghloul, Salah Jahine

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