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The Police Inspector [مفتش المباحث] (Youssef Wahby) - (1960)

The Police Inspector [mofatesh al-mobahes] (Youssef Wahby) - (1960) oversize Egyptian film poster

Pictured is a 34" x 47" Egyptian poster designed by Fawzi to promote the 1960 84-minute Hussein Fawzi black-and-white film The Police Inspector [mofatesh al-mobahes] starring Youssef Wahby based on a story by Hussein Fawzi with dialogue by El-Sayed Ziada and cinematography by Mohamed Abdel Azim. Plot summary: The husband [Abdel Hafiz al-Tatawy] of a pretty dancer named Hoda [Sharifa Fadel] catches her with her lover Hossam and pulls out a gun to shoot her. In her defense Hossam [Rushdy Abaza] turns the gun back against the husband and shoots him. Hossam flees and as he is about to board a train he sees a police inspector [Youssef Wahby] at the station, who then sits opposite him in the passenger car. Hossam moves to another car but the officer follows him and falls asleep with him in a private cabin; Hossam leaves the train and gets on a bus, but the officer again runs to catch the bus and sits opposite him. At this point Hossam is convinced the officer is pursuing him and confesses to the shooting. He is surprised when he learns the inspector knows nothing about his crime; the inspector has just been on his way to attend his sister's wedding. The inspector decides to cancel the vacation to turn the criminal in. On the way to the police station during another escape attempt it becomes clear to the officer that Hossam has fled his father's home and that he has seduced a girl who has had his baby. The inspector has emotional conflicts and wants to correct what is between Hossam and Hoda. He brings them together and discovers the man Hossam shot did not die. Hossam is released and goes back to Hoda.

Cast and crew: Hussein Fawzi, Rushdy Abaza, Sharifa Fadel, Nagwa Fouad, Zeinab Sedky, Youssef Wahby, Mohamed Abdel Azim, El-Sayed Ziada, Abdel Hafiz al-Tatawy, Zakaria Soleyman, Nour Mohamed, Ahmed Said, Anwar Mohamed

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