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Ruffians [الاوغاد] (Farouk Al-Fichawi) - (1985)

Ruffians (1985) - (Farouk Al-Fichawi) Egyptian one-sheet

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour to promote the 1985 95-minute Ahmed Al-Nehas color film Ruffians [al-awghad] starring Farouk Al-Fichawy based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Ahmed Al-Nehas with cinematography by Mohamed Taher. Plot summary: Mahmoud [Farouk Al-Fichawy] is a taxi driver married to Hosnia [Bussy]. They have a happy life together, but Mahmoud is accused of hitting a boy named Medhat [Wael Nour] and stealing 20000 pounds from him. Mahmoud goes to see Medhat at the hospital to persuade him to tell the truth, but he fails. He gets into his taxi with some of Medhat's friends and the taxi crashes and catches fire in a remote location while Mahmoud is trying to get confessions from them. Mahmoud hides in graveyards and disguises himself. He goes to the hospital to get the names of the boys from Medhat, who dies while struggling with him. While Mahmoud is chasing one of the offenders, the offender falls from a balcony before making a confession. A police inspector named Kamal [Mohi Ismail] chases him as he is following another collaborator named Mostafa [Abdalla Mahmoud], and catches both of them. Thus Mostafa had lost the 20000 pounds among strangers and colluded with his friends in accusing Mahmoud, fearing his father's punishment.

Cast and crew: Ahmed Al-Nehas, Mohi Ismail, Ahmed Bedir, Abdalla Mahmoud, Ahmad Salama, Wael Nour, Ahmed Khalil, Hafez Amin, Ahmad Hegazi, Bussy, Farouk Al-Fichawi, Awatef Youssef, Youssef Fawzi, Nagwa al-Mawgi, Mona Darwish, Mohamed Taher

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