Friday, May 30, 2014

The Love District درب الهوى (Youssra) - (1982) Egyptian Film Poster

The Love District [darb al-hawa] (Youssra) - (1982) Egyptian film poster

Pictured is an Egyptian poster designed by Al-Khad to promote the 1982 123-minute Houssam El-Din Mustafa color film The Love District [darb al-hawa] starring Youssra based on a story by Ismail Wali El Deen with screenplay by Mostafa Moharram, dialogue by Sherif El Menbawy and cinematography by Wahid Farid. Plot summary: Hosnia and the pimp Saleh [Mahmoud Abdel Aziz] ran a house of prostitution called the Hotel of Princesses in the Darb Tayyab neighborhood. Samiha [Madiha Kamel] ended up there seeking refuge from the bad treatment of her mother's husband, while Elham [Youssra] was driven there by poverty. Men of all social levels frequented the hotel, such as Abdel Aziz [Ahmed Zaki], the university professor of philosophy and his friend Morad, Abdel Hafiz Basha, Abdel Aziz's uncle and a candidate for parliament who attacked prostitution in campaign speeches, even though it made him happy to hear the prostitutes insult him. It also made him happy to be able to drop his guard with them. Saleh tried to dominate Samiha but he was content with Hosnia, who loved him.

Cast and crew: Madiha Kamel, Youssra, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Zaki, Faruq al-Ghayshawi, Hassan Abdeen, Houssam El-Din Mustafa, Ismail Wali El Deen, Mostafa Moharram, Sherif El Menbawy, Farouk Al-Fichawy, Shouweikar, Farouk Falawkas, Ibrahim Abdel Razaq, Salwa Khattab, Amal Ibrahim, Aziza Helmy

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