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We Don't Plant Thorns [ نحن لا نزرع الشوك] (Shadia) - (1970) Egyptian Film Poster

We Don't Plant Thorns [nehnu la nezra al-shuk] (Shadia) - (1970) Egyptian film poster

Pictured is an undated Egyptian rerelease poster designed by Wahib Fahmy and Mohammad Abdel Aziz to promote the 1970 Hussein Kamal 109-minute black-and-white film We Don't Plant Thorns [nehnu la nezra al-shuk] starring Shadia and Mahmoud Yassine based on story and dialogue by Yousssef El Sebai with screenplay by Ahmed Saleh and cinematography by Abdelhalim Nasr. Plot summary: Sayeda [Shadia] suffered from torment and cruelty after her mother died as a result of the way she was treated by her father's wife. She took a job as a maid for the family of Abbas [Salah Kabil], who was interested in her and pursued her. She fled his home and took a job with the family of Hamdi al-Samaduni [Mahmoud Yassine]. This family treated her with love and kindness. Sayeda fell in love with Hamdi, but she soon learned he was planning to marry another girl. She therefore decided to marry Alam Marghama [Adly Kasseb], a thug and a seller of soft drinks, but later got into conflict with him. She bore his child, but ran away from him because of his violence. In this midst of this suffering she came under the influence of a pimp who got her into a brothel. There she saw Abbas, who had come to a whorehouse for the first time in his life. They reconciled and married, and she bore his son. Then Hamdi arrived and declared his love for her, there were more conflicts with Abbas and she was forced by court order to move into a marital obedience dwelling with him. When their child died she demanded and received a divorce from Abbas. After a short time Sayeda herself became ill and died with Hamdi at her bedside.

Cast and crew: Hussein Kamal, Salah Kabil, Shadia, Mahmoud Yassine, Abdelhalim Nasr, Karima Mokhtar, Adly Kasseb, Ahmed Al-Gezeiry, Naima Al Soghayar, Ahmed Saleh, Youssef El Sebai, Wafik Fahmy, Rawhiyya Khaled, Ahmed Al Jaziri, Mahmoud Al Iraqi, Mohamed Othman, Hamdy Youssef, Samiha Tawfik, Fatheyya Ali, Mohamed Abu Hashish, Thorayya Ezzeddine, Etedal Shaheen, Soher Tawfik, Mimi Gamal, Samir Tewfik, Amira, Kawsar al-Assal

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