Saturday, June 21, 2014

Punjab Mail (1939) - (Fearless Nadia) Indian Film Poster

The Punjab Mail (1939) - (Fearless Nadia) Indian one-sheet

Mary Ann Evans was the name given at birth to two different women who are no longer primarily remembered by that name, the English novelist George Eliot (1819 - 1880) and the Australian/Indian actress Fearless Nadia (1908 - 1996). Both are very famous, but Fearless Nadia is much more important in the world of cinema; she will always be remembered as Bollywood's original stunt queen. The Australian Mary Ann Evans moved to India at the age of five to be with her father Herbertt Evans, whose regiment had been deployed there in 1909. On the advice of an Armenian fortune teller she later changed her name to Nadia for the sake of her career (the fortune teller had said she would need a name that began with the letter "N").

This is a very rare original 20" x 29" Indian stone lithograph poster made to promote the 1939 Homi Wadia film The Punjab Mail starring Fearless Nadia.

Cast and crew: Fearless Nadia, Homi Wadia, Sarita Devi, Shahzadi, Nazira, John Cawas, Sardar Mansur, Mithu Miyan, Boman Shroff, Master Chhotu, Bismillah, Boman Shroff

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