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The Wife from Paris [زوجة من باريس] (Nabila Ebeid) - (1966) Egyptian Film Poster

The Wife from Paris (1966) - (Nabila Ebeid) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour to promote the 1966 Atef Salem 103-minute color film The Wife from Paris [zawga min baris] starring Nabila Ebeid based on story and dialogue by Amina El Sawy, screenplay by Abdel Hay Adib with cinematography by Klelio. Plot summary: Engineer Nagy [Rushdy Abaza] came from the Paris Oasis to the south of the Western Sahara to work and live for a period of time. There he met Dr. Wagih [Salah Zulfikar] who had asked to be transferred to this remote place to live far from the city after being hurt by his unfaithful wife. He hated everything female, even hens. Wagih met a social overseer named Samia [Nabila Ebeid] who had also come from the Paris Oasis to work at the elementary school. However he was afraid of her and avoided talking to her. At the school where Samia worked the director Daoud [Fouad El-Mohandes] was taking steps to retire; he married one of the girls at the oasis, never to return. Wagih began to feel that this Samia differed greatly from his unfaithful wife, thanks to the influence of his friend. Engineer Nagy married Samia.

Cast and crew: Nabila Ebeid, Rushdy Abaza, Salah Zulfikar, Atef Salem, Amin El-Heneidy, Fouad El-Mohandes, Ahmed El Haddad, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Klelio, Amina Al Sawy, Abdel Hay Adib, Karima Al-Sherif, Abdel Ghani Al-Nagdi, Adly Kasseb, Hussein Ismail, Hassan Atela

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