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The White Gown [الرداء الأبيض] (Naglaa Fathy) - (1975) Egyptian film poster

The White Gown [al-reda al-abiad] (1975) - (Naglaa Fathy) Egyptian film poster

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour and Mohamed Abdel Aziz to promote the 1975 Hassan Ramzi 94-minute color film The White Gown [al-reda al-abiad] starring Naglaa Fathy based on screenplay, dialogue and story by Hassan Ramzi with cinematography by Mahmoud Nasr. Plot summary: Omar [Youssef Wahby] is a man with a good heart who lives in the mentality of the past. He becomes angry when he learns his only son Kamal [Magdy Wahba] has married a poor girl named Hoda [Naglaa Fathy] without telling him about it. Before the marriage, Hoda had been caught stealing a wallet from a man who was dating her named Ahmed [Ahmed Mazhar] but then she marries Kamal and they live happily until he dies in a traffic accident while under stress due to a demand from his father that he divorce Hoda. Then Hoda is denied custody of her daughter Sofa [Manal Afifi]. When Sofa gets older she becomes a beautiful young woman and is later reunited with her mother on her wedding day. On that same day Hoda is also forgiven in a renewed contact with Ahmed, the man she had once robbed.

Cast and crew: Naglaa Fathy, Ahmed Mazhar, Hassan Ramzi, Magdy Wahba, Youssef Wahby, Zahrat El-Ola, Hayat Kandeel, Ibrahim Saafan, Salah Nazmi, Sa'eed Saleh, Leila Fahmi, Huseein Kandil, Hoda Ramzi, Mahmoud Nasr, Fatheya Chahine, Hassan Afifi, Manal Afifi

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