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Where Shall We Begin the Story? [نبتدي منين الحكاية] (Soheir Ramzy) - (1976) Egyptian Film Poster

Where Shall We Begin the Story? [nebtedi meneen al-hekaya] (1976) - (Soheir Ramzy) Egyptian film poster

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour and Sabry to promote the 1976 Muhammed Salman film Where Do We Begin the Story [nebtedi meneen al-hekaya] starring Soheir Ramzy with story, screenplay and dialogue by Muhammed Salman and cinematography by Mahmoud Sabu. Plot summary: Hanan [Soheir Ramzy] was a spoiled pretty girl, the only daughter of a wealthy merchant [Omar El-Hariri]. She claimed she had been blinded to avoid marriage. Her father was confused and the doctors were unable to cure her. The father contacted a phychologist named Dr. Ali [Sa'eed Saleh], who brought with him a friend named Hassan [Mostafa Fahmy], who was claiming to be a special physician. They made an agreement that the psychologist would be paid 5000 pounds for curing Hanan. They began treating Her, and Hassan discovered she was not really blind. A relationship began to form between them but Hanan had realized he was not really a doctor and was afraid to marry Hassan, fearing she might hate him. He discovered she had a deep complex because an old incident she had witnessed between her parents when she was a child. When the complex suddenly disappeared due to an unexpected shock at the end of the film, the two were free to marry. The film includes a singing performance along the Nile by Ahmed Awadiyya. Cast and crew: Muhammed Salman, Omar El-Hariri, Mimi Gamal, Amira, Nagwa Fouad, Ahmed Adawiyya, Soheir Ramzy, Mostafa Fahmy, Sa'eed Saleh, Leila Gamal, Hassan Mostafa, Sameer Ghanem, George Sidhum, Mahmoud Sabu, Morsi Al-Khattab, Medhat Gamal, Mohammad Shawqi, Ahmed Rateb, Zizi Farid, Sayed Mohammad, Fatma Wagdi, Ezzet Sherif, Samira Wagdi, Fatma Mahmoud, Sayed Ibrahim, Nagwa Fouad

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