Monday, June 9, 2014

Land of the Pharaohs (R1972) - (dir: Howard Hawks) Polish film poster

Land of the Pharaohs [Ziemia Faraonow] (dir: Howard Hawks) - (R1972) Polish film poster

This is a 22.5" x 33" Polish poster designed by Jerzy Treutler to promote a 1972 rerelease of the 1955 Howard Hawks film Land of the Pharaohs [Ziemia Faraonow] starring Jack Hawkins and Joan Collins. The film tells the story of Pharaoh Khufu [Jack Hawkins] who believes he can take his gold with him into the next life. His second wife Princess Nellifer [Joan Collins] plots to prevent him from taking his treasure with him when he dies.

Cast and crew: Jerzy Treutler, Howard Hawks, William Faulkner, Harry Kurnitz, Jack Hawkins, Joan Collins, Dewey Maertin, Alexis minotis, James Robertson Justice, Luisella Boni, Sydney Chaplin, James Hayter, Kerima, Piero Giagnoni

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