Friday, October 21, 2016

I Am Alone انا وحدي Magda 1952 Egyptian oversize film poster

I Am Alone (1952) - (Soad Mohamed) Egyptian oversize film poster

This is a 47" x 36" Egyptian stone litho poster designed by Ahmed Abdel Aziz for the 1952 Henry Barakat film I am Alone AKA Ana Wahdi based on a story by Youssef Esa and starring Magda as Nawal. Plot summary: Nawal and Afaf [Mona] were seamstresses at a tailor shop making women's dresses. At a fancy formal occasion a weathy man named Ehsan [Omar El-Hariri] fell in love with Nawal and his friend Atef [Salah Nazmi] fell in love with Afaf. When they found out who the girls really were they abandoned them, after which Nawal tried to commit suicide.

Cast and crew: Abu Seoud El-Ibiary, Youssef Esa, Magda, Mona, Soad Mohamed, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Abdel Rahim El Zarkani, Mimi Gamal, Omar El-Hariri, Souraya Fakhri, Nour El-Demerdash, Salah Nazmi, Henry Barakat, Mimi Shakeeb, Yousef Eisa, Giulio De Luca

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