Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I Want to Live میخواهم زنده بمانم (Faramarz Gharibian) - (1995) Iranian film poster

I Want to Live (1995) - (Faramarz Gharibian) Iranian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Iranian poster designed by Bateni for the 1995 Iraj Ghaderi film I Want to Live starring Faramarz Gharibian. Plot summary: Barbod, the only child of a man named Aslan [Faramarz Gharibian] who had separated from his first wife Mah Monir, had been mysteriously killed. His second wife Farangis [Fatemeh Gudarzi] was arrested as the murderer. Aslan assumed the task of defending Farangis, but she was sentenced to death. Aslan made every effort to save Farangis, but the only way to do that was with Barbod's diary, which would reveal Barbod's decision to kill himself.

Cast and crew: Iraj Ghaderi, Rasoul Sadrameli, Faramarz Gharibian,a Fatemeh gudarzi, Fathali Oveisi, Jalal Moghadam, Ebrahim Abadi, Manoochehr Afsari, Moharram Basim, Hooshang Dibaian, Ali Asghar Garmsiri, Mahmood Maghami, Rahman Moghaddam, Sam Mohammadpoor, Abbas Mokhtari, Ziba Naderi, Shahla Riahi

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