Friday, August 18, 2017

Commando Cody Lost in Outer Space 1955 Judd Holdren Mexican lobby card

Lost in Outer Space (1955) - (Judd Holdren) Mexican lobby card

This is a 12.5" x 17" Mexican lobby card for the 24 September 1955 Harry Keller TV show Lost in Outer Space written by Ronald Davidson and starring Judd Holdren as Commando Cody, Sky Marshal of the Universe. Plot summary: Commando Cody pursues a rocket owned by the Ruler and learns from an escapee who jumped off that the Ruler intends to capture the Cody rocket because without it he will not be able to invade Earth.

Cast and crew: Harry Keller, Ronald Davidson, Judd Holdren, Aline Towne, Richard Crane, Gregory Gaye, Mauritz Hugo, Craig Kelly, Gloria Pall, John Crawford, Lee Roberts, Dale Van Sickel

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