Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bloody Mama 1970 Shelley Winters Italian Locandina

Bloody Mama (1970) - (dir: Roger Corman) Italian locandina

This is a 13" x 26" Italian locandina poster designed by Enzo Tarantella for the 1970 Roger Corman film Bloody Mama based on a story by Don Peters and Robert Thom, screenplay by Robert Thom and starring Shelley Winters as Kate Barker. Plot summary: During the great Depression in the Ozark Mountains Ma Barker leads her perverted family on a vicious crime spree. The film is loosely based on the real-life exploits of Kate "Ma" Barker (1873-1935).

Cast and crew: Roger Corman, Enzo Tarantella, Don Peters, Robert Thom, Shelley Winters, Pat Hingle, Don Stroud, Diane Varsi, Bruce Dern, Clint Kimbrough, Robert De Niro, Robert Walden, Alex Nicol, Pamela Dunlap, Michael Fox, Scatman Crothers, Stacy Harris, Lisa Linsky, Steve Mitchell

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