Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Frightened City 1961 Sean Connery Italian locandina

Frightened City (1961) - (Sean Connery) Italian locandina

This isa 13" x26" Italian locandina designed by Arnaldo Putzufor the 1961 John Lemont film The Frightened City based on a story by Leigh Vance and John Lemont, screenplay by Leigh Vance and starring Sean Connery as Paddy Demion. Plot summary: This is a gangster movie that takes place in West London. Paddy Demion is drawn into a protection racket by the mob.

Cast and crew: John Lemont, Arnaldo Putzu, Leigh Vance, Herbert Lom, John Gregson, Sean Connery, Alfred Marks, Yvonne Romain, Olive McFarland, Frederick Piper, John Stone, David Davies, Tom Bowman, Robert Cawdron, Georget Pastell, Patrick Holt, Sheena Marshe, Patrick Jordan

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