Sunday, August 27, 2017

Eye of the Devil 1966 Deborah Kerr Italian locandina

Eye of the Devil (1966) - (Deborah Kerr) Italian locandina

This is a 13" x 26" Italian locandina poster designed by Enzo Nistri for the 1966 J. Lee Thompson thriller Eye of the Devil AKA 13 based on the 1964 Philip Loraine AKA Robin Estridge novel Day of the Arrow, screenplay by Robin Estridge and Dennis Murphy and starring Deborah Kerr as Catherine de Montfoucon. Plot summary: Philippe de Montfaucon [David Niven] has a vineyard that is suffering from drought. He returns to his castle in Bellenac to attend to the matter. His wife Catherine de Montfaucon and his two children were to have remained in Paris, but they follow anyway and discover in their confusion and fear that the employees on the estate are conducting pagan rituals. Sharon Tate appears as the sorceress Odile de Caray.

Cast and crew: Enzo Nistri, J. Lee Thompsonh, Robin Estridge, Dennis Murphy, Philip Loraine, Robin Estridge, Deborah Kerr, David Niven, Donald Pleasence, Edward Mulhare, Flora Robson, Emlyn Williams, Sharon Tate, David Hemmings, John Le Mesurier, Michael Miller, Donald Bisset, Pauline Letts, Robert Duncan, Suky Appleby

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