Thursday, November 23, 2017

Shangoul and Mangoul شنگول ومنگول dir: Parviz Sabri 1989 Iranian film poster

Shangoul and Mangoul (1989) - (dir: Parviz Saberi) Iranian poster

This is a 26.5" x 28" Iranian poster for the 1989 children's fantasy film Shangoul and Mangoul written and directed by Parviz Sabri. Plot summary: On a field trip a young schoolteacher named Mary [Afsaneh Bayegan] tells the story Shangoul and Mangoul to the children: The lion, as king of the jungle, sets up a contest between the wolf and the fox where he will hire the one who brings him delicious food the soonest. The wolf and the fox kidnap the baby goats (Shangoul, Mangoul and Grape). The wolf decides to eat Shangoul and Mangoul himself but the fox takes Grape to the lion. The mother goat goes looking for her children and she and other the animals of the forest restrain the wolf and the fox; the baby goats are returned to their mother safe and sound.

Cast and crew: Parviz Sabri, Afsaneh Bayegan, Hamid ABdolmaleki, Hassan Dadshokr, Nader Rajabpoor, Asadollah Monjazi, Fariba Motekhasses, Asadollah Yekta, Shabram Lasemi

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