Thursday, November 2, 2017

Bedtime for Bonzo 1951 Ronald Reagan US insert

Bedtime for Bonzo (1951) - (Ronald Reagan) US insert

This is a 14" x 36" US insert poster for the 1951 Frederick de Cordova film Bedtime for Bonzo based on a story by Ted Berkman and Raphael Blau and starring Ronald Reagan as Professor Peter Boyd. Plot summary: Psychology Professor Peter Boyd has borrowed a laboratory chimpanzee for use in experiments that will show that the environment, not heredity, is what determines how one judges what is right and what is wrong.

Cast and crew: Frederick De Cordova, Ted Berkman, Raphael Blau, Lou Breslow, Val Burton, Ronald Reagan, Diana Lynn, Walter Slezak, Jesse White, Lucille Barkley, Herbert Heyes, Herb Vigran, Harry Tyler, Edward Clark, Edward Gargan, Joel Friedkin, Brad Browne, Elizabeth Flournoy, Howard Banks, Perc Launders

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