Sunday, November 26, 2017

Whirlwind گردباد Faramarz Gharibian 1985 Iranian film poster

Whirlwind (1985) - (Faramarz Gharibian) Iranian poster

This is a 13.75" x 19" Iranian poster designed by Heddat for the 1985 Kamran Ghadakchian film Whirlwind written by Alireza Davoudnejad and starring Faramarz Gharibian. Plot summary: The Americans blow up the nuclear waste buried in a village in Khorasan and the cows there are also killed. The radiation from the explosion cause a young herder to become afflicted with a serious disease and his cows also die. Abdullah and his brother's wife, also from the village, leave the area because they are afraid of getting the same disease. Abdullah takes his brother to a hospital in the capital with help from one of the people of his province. A combat physician reports the situation to the head of the hospital. The Security Organization and the Americans, who are afraid of publicity, decide to take the young herder abroad or eliminate him. The combat physician gets word of this and with the help of Abdullah and his friend from the province they kidnap the patient at the hospital and treat him. Security Organization agents pursue them and kill Abdullah's friend from the province and his brother. Abdullah is angered and smashes the windows of the leader of the American group's automobile.

Cast and crew: Kamran Ghadakchian, Alireza Davoudnejad, Faramarz Gharibian, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Mohamad Motie, Iraj Rad, Soraya Hekmat, Ahmad Hashemi, Khosro Amir Sadeghi, Sam Gharibian, Soheyla Razavi, Amir Hosseijn Khanshahri, Fereydoon Aboo Zia, Ahmad Nasr, Mokhtar Saeghi, Mohammad Taghi Sharifi, Tayyed Sherafati

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