Saturday, May 7, 2016

Three into Two Won't Go (1969) - (Rod Steiger) Belgian poster

Three into Two Won't Go (1969) - (Rod Steiger) Belgian poster

This is a 14" x 21" Belgian poster for the 1969 Peter Hall film Three into Two Won't Go AKA Auto-Stop Girl based on the 1969 Andrea Newman novel of the same title, written by Edna O'Brien and starring Rod Steiger as Steve Howard. Plot summary: Sales manager Steve Howard has an affair with young hitchhiker Ella Patterson [Judy Geeson] even though he is married. There is tension later when Ella moves into one of the rooms in his house.

Cast and crew: Peter Hall, Andrea Newmewman, Edna O'Brien, Rod Steiger, Claire Bloom, Judy Geeson, Peggy Ashcroft, Paul Rogers, Julian Blaustein, Lyn Farleigh, Elizabeth Spriggs, Sheila Allen, Diana Webster

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