Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jonubi (1973) - (Reza Fazeli) جنوبی Iranian film poster

Jonubi (1973) - (Reza Fazeli) Iranian movie poster

This is a 27.25" x 19.5" poster designed by Abzari for the 1973 action film Jonubi جنوبی written and directed by Mohammad Reza Fazeli and starring Reza Fazeli as Jonubi. Plot summary: Akram [Shahnaz Tehrani] was released from prison after serving time on a charge of killing Qasem, went work in a cafe along with Aqdas [Farangis Foruhar]. Mehdi [Ahmad Moini] and his friends, who were planning on abusing Akram, tore up the cafe every night until one night Jasem-e Siah, known as Jonubi, [Mohammad Reza Fazeli] got into a fight with Mehdi's people supported by Akram. Akram disclosed to Jonubi, who was Qasem's brother, that he was innocent and that Qasem had not been killed. Jonubi realized has brother had been killed by Mehdi. Jonubi and Mehdi faced off in a graveyard. Mehdi was beaten by Jonubi, but the fight was broken up when the police arrived.

Cast and crew: Mohammad Reza Fazeli, Reza Fazeli, Abzari, Morteza Aghili, Shahnaz Tehrani, Farangis Foruhar, Ahmad Moini, Javad Taghadosi, Qasemi Kian, Reza Zulfaghari, Atash, Parviz Shokri, Davud, Iraj, Jahangir Basharat, Zare, Reza Safaipoor, Reza Safayipoor, Mashinchian

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