Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tin Tan El Sultan Descalzo (1956) - (Yolanda Varela) Mexican one-sheet

El Sultan Descalzo (1956) - (Yolanda Varela) US one-sheet

This is a 27" x 37" Mexican poster for the 1956 Gilberto Martinez Solares film El sultan descalzo written by Juan Garcia, Gilberto Martinez Solares and Eduardo Ugarte and starring German Valdes (Tin Tan) as Sultan Casquillo. Plot summary: This is the story of a jack of all trades who interferes in the lives of his neighbors and then has to set everything right.

Cast and crew: Yolanda Varela, Gilberto Martinez Solares, Eduardo Ugarte, Juan Garcia, Silvia Carrillo, Florencio Castello, Marcelo Chavez, Liliana Duran, Rafael Estrada, German Valdes, Oscar Pulido, Wolf ruvinskis, Joaqin Garcia Vargas, Liliana duran, Marcelo Chavez, Elmo Michel, Florencio Castello, Jose Jasso, Agata Rosenow, Oscar Ortiz de Pinedo, Silvia Carrillo, Martinique

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