Friday, May 13, 2016

Timbuktu (1958) - (Victor Mature) US one-sheet

Timbuktu (1958) - (Victor Mature) US one-sheet

This is a 27" x 41" US one-sheet poster for the 1958 Jacques Tourneur film Timbuktu written by Anthony Veiller and Paul Dudley and starring Victor Mature as Mike Conway. Plot summary: The story is set in 1940 in French Sudan. The French army is occupied in France with the invading German army, leaving the French garrison in Timbuktu at reduced strength. The local Tuareg see this as an opportunity to drive the French out of Timbuktu. Mike Conway is an American arms dealer who supplies both the Tuareg and the French. The French commander Colonel Dufort [George Dolenz] enlists Conway's aid to find and protect Mohammed Adani, [Leonard Mudie] a French ally among the Tuareg who has been kidnapped and might be murdered because of his sympathy with foreigners. At this point Conway becomes a double agent targeted by both sides.

Cast and crew: Jacques Tourneur, Anthony Veiller, Paul Dudley, Victor Manture, Yvonne De Carlo, George Dolenz, John Dehner, Marcia Henderson, Robert Clarke, James Foxx, Paul Wexler

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