Monday, May 9, 2016

Three Young Texans (1954) - (Mitzi Gaynor) Argentine one-sheet


Three Young Texans (1954) - (Mitzi Gaynor) Argentine one-sheet Poster

This is a 29" x 43" Argentine one-sheet poster for the 1954 Henry Levin film Three Young Texans based on a story by William MacLeod Raine, screenplay by Gerald Drayson Adams and Starring Mitzi Gaynor as Rusty Blair. Plot summary: A man robs a train to prevent his father from doing it, a young girl tries to help and a friend demands part of the take.

Cast and crew: Mitzi Gaynor, Keefe Brasselle, Jeffrey Hunter, Henry Levin, William MacLeod Raine, Gerald Drayson Adams, Harvey Stephens, Dan Riss, Michael Ansara, Aaron Spelling, Morris Ankrum, Frank Wilcox, Helen Wallace

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