Sunday, May 8, 2016

Thor the Conqueror (1983) - (Conrad Nichols) Italian one-sheet

Thor the Conqueror (1983) - (Conrad Nichols) Italian one-sheet

This is a 26.5" x 38" Italian one-sheet poster for the 1983 Tonino Ricci (Anthony Richmond) film Thor the Conqueror based on story and screenplay by Tito Carpi and starring Bruno Minniti (Conrad Nichols) as Thor. Plot summary: The amorphous god Teisha takes on an embodiment to put the newborn Thor in hiding after his parents are brutally murdered. After Thor grows up he sets out to avenge the murder of his parents.

Cast and crew: Tonino Ricci, Nicola Piovano, Tito Carpi, Bruno Minniti, Luigi Mezzanotte, Maria Romano, Malisa Longo, Conrad Nichols, Christopher Holm, Raf Baldassarre, Angelo Ragusa, Rosalba Ciofalo, Elena Wiedermann, Aretmio Antonini, Giovanni Cianfriglia, Rinaldo Zamperla

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