Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fury of Achilles (1962) - (Gordon Mitchell)

Fury of Achilles (1962) - (Gordon Mitchell) Belgian poster

This is a 14" x 21" Belgian poster made to promote the 1962 118-minute Mario Girolami color film Fury of Hercules [L'ira di Achille] starring Gordon Mitchell as Achilles based on a screenplay by Gino de Santis with cinematography by Mario Fioretti. This film is an Italian historical drama based mainly on Homer's Iliad, depicting tensions in the Greek camp between Agamemnon and Achilles in the 9th year of the Trojan War, which improves morale for the Trojans. The conflict is decided in a climactic sword fight where Achilles [Gordon Mitchell] kills the Trojan Hector [Jacques Bergerac].

Cast and crew: Gordon Mitchell, Jacques Bergerac, Cristina Gaioni, Enio Girolami, Gloria Milland, Fosco Giachetti, Roberto Risso, Mario Petri, Marino Girolami, Gino de Santis, Piero Lulli, Eleonora Bianchi, Erminio Spalla, Fosco Giachetti, Nando Tamberlani, Tina Gloriani, Remo De Angelis, Manfred Freyberger

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