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Revolt in the City [ثورة المدينة] - (Sabah)

Revolt in the City (1955) - (Sabah) Egyptian oversize poster

This is a 33" x 44" oversize Egyptian poster designed by Studio Adly to promote the 1955 Helmy Rafla film Revolt in the City [thawret al-medina] starring Mohammad Fawzi and Sabah based on screenplay and dialogue by Nairuz Abdel Malek with cinematography by Masud Isa. Plot summary: This is a musical melodrama showcasing the singing talents of Sabah and Mohammad Fawzi. Fatima's [Sabah] mother died giving birth to her and her father [Hussein Riad] believed women died immediately after giving birth. Fatima was raised believing this too, so she avoided marriage and the idea of having children. However she still fell in love with Ahmad [Mohammad Fawzi], a boy from a rich family, and he asked her to marry him. Then her father was killed in a factory accident and combined impact of mourning her father and her psychological anti-marriage complex caused her to spend a lot of time resisting before she finally accepted Ahmad's proposal. After marriage, Fatima had children and was expecting to die, but she did not die. This resolved her fear of dying because of childbirth and she went on with her life in "happily ever after" mode. The "revolt" theme in the title and on the poster is about an incident in the film where the family home was destroyed in a riot while Fatima was still a child, and has nothing at all to do with the main story. The image on the poster of Mohammad Fawzi carrying Sabah as an adult is from a different part of the film that is unrelated to the riot.

Cast and crew: Sabah, Mohammad Fawzi, Hussein Riad, Helmy Rafla, Ahmed Allam, Wedad Hamdy, Masud Isa, Shafik Noureddin, Hussein Ismail, Nairuz Abdel Malek, Qadria Qadri, Mohamed Kamel, Mohamed Sabih, Suleiman al-Guindy, Abdel Moneim Ismail, Ragaa Youssef, Qadria Kamel, Doha Nagdi

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