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The Puppeteer [الاراجوز] (1989) - (Omar Sharif)

The Puppeteer (1989) - (Omar Sharif) Egyptian one-sheet

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Nagy Shaker to promote the 1989 Hany Lasheen 109-minute color film The Puppeteer [al-aragoz] starring Omar Sharif based on an idea by Hany Lasheen with screenplay and dialogue by Essam El Shamaa and cinematography by Mohsen Ahmed. Plot summary: The puppeteer Mohammad Gad Al-Karim [Omar Sharif] taught his craft to his son Bahlul [Hesham Selim], who later completed his higher education. Mohammad married a beautiful carnival worker named En'am [Mervat Amin], who loved his profession and was not ashamed of it. However Mohammad's educated son Bahlul tried to distance himself from his father's class of people. Bahlul asked his father to leave his old profession and stay at home, because he had come under the influence of a corrupt pasha, had married the pasha's daughter and set his sights on winning a seat in Parliament. The father stuck with his principles hoping to rekindle Bahlul's ethics and idealism. En'am bore Mohammad another son who grew up to become a puppeteer with a puppeteer's ethics, characteristics and class attributes. Omar Sharif's portrayal of a traditional itinerant Egyptian puppeteer is authentic and emotionally sympathetic. Hesham Selim, as the ambitious son entering a changing world with a traditional background, experiences the conflicts and pressures that arise as time passes and generations confront new social circumstances.

Cast and crew: Omar Sharif, Mervat Amin, Hesham Selim, Salwa Khattab, Hany Lasheen, Mohsen Ahmed, Ahmed Khalil, Nader Nour, Abdel Gawad Metwalli, Badriya Abdel Gawad, Abol Futouh Omara, Mohsen Ahmed, Essam El Shamaa

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