Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is it Chaos? [هي فوضى؟] (2007) - (dir: Youssef Chahine)

Is it Chaos? (1972) - (Khaled Saleh) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 38.5" Egyptian poster designed by the Sign Agency to promote the 2007 121-minute Youssef Chahine and Khaled Youssef color film Is it Chaos? [hiyya fawda?] starring Khaled Saleh based on screenplay and dialogue by Nasser Abdel-Rahmane with cinematography by Ramses Marzouk. Plot summary: This film is set in the midst of social unrest in Cairo, where the endemic police corruption is addressed by focusing on a corrupt officer named Hatem [Khaled Saleh] who becomes a law unto himself and controls everyone except the woman named Nour [Menna Shalabi] for whom he has a passionate desire but cannot win.

Cast and crew: Youssef El Sherif, Youssef Chahine, Khaled Youssef, Hala Fakher, Khaled Saleh, Hala Sedki, Menna Shalabi, Dorra Razouk, Amr Abdel Gelil, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Safwa, Nasser Abdel-Rahmane, Ramses Marzouk, Seif Abdel Rahman, Abdullah Mosharraf, Maher Salim, Ahmed Yehia, Rola Mahmoud, Mahmoud Sameh Abdullah, Hanan Abbas, Ahmed al-Adawy, Mohamed Fawzi

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