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The Tyrant of Syracuse (1962) - (Guy Williams)

Damon and Pythias (1962) - (Guy Williams) UK Quad

This is a 30" x 40" UK quad stone litho poster made by an unkown designer to promote the 1962 Curtis Bernhardt 90-minute MGM color film Damon and Pythias, aka The Tyrant of the Syracuse, starring Guy Williams and Don Burnett based on a story by Samuel Marx with English screenplay by Samuel Marx, Franco Riganti, Bridget Boland and Barry Orlinger and cinematography by Aldo Tonti. Plot summary: This film is an accurate portrayal of a famous Greek legend from the Fifth Century B.C. symbolizing friendship. Damon [Guy Williams] and Pythias [Don Burnett] were Athenian followers of the philosopher Pythagoras, who went to Syracuse where Pythagorean ideas of universal brotherhood were forbidden. In Syracuse the tyrant Dionysius [Arnoldo Foa] accused Pythias of plotting against him and sentenced him to death. Pythias accepted the sentence but asked for time to visit his ailing wife Nerissa [Ilaria Occhini] and settle his affairs before he was killed; Dionysius reluctantly allowed this when Damon offered to remain in Syracuse as a hostage until Pythias returned, expecting he would end up killing Damon instead of Pythias. When Pythias returned to be executed as he had promised to do, Dionysius was so delighted and amazed about their friendship that he pardoned them both. Wikipedia has an entry about the legend of Damon and Pythias here.

Cast and crew: Guy Williams, Don Burnett, Aldo Tonti, Curtis Bernhardt, Samuel Marx, Franco Riganti, Paola Ojetti, Bridget Boland, Barry Oringer, Ilaria Occhini, Liana Orfei, Marina Berti, Arnoldo Foa, Carlo Giustini, Aldo Silvani, Andrea Bosic, Maurizio Baldoni, Franco Fantasia, Osvaldo Ruggieri, Lawrence Montainge Enrico Glori, Gianni Bonagura, Vittorio Bonos, Carlo Rizzo, Giovanna Maculani, Enzo Fiermonte, Tibrio Mitri, Franco Murgia, Luigi Bonos, Maurizio Bedoni, Giovanni Bagliori, Carolyn De Fonseca, Carla Bonavera, Enrico Salvatore

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