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Drug Users [المساطيل] - (Laila Eloui) - (1990)

Drug Users [المساطيل] (1990) - (Leila Eloui) Egyptian one-sheet

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour to promote the 1990 108-minute Hussein Kamal color film Drug Users [al-masatil المساطيل] starring Laila Eloui based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Wahid Hamid with cinematography by Ibrahim Saleh. Plot summary: A group of lost youth were involved in drug abuse and crime and they had committed a murder. Nadia [Lalia Eloui] was the most prominent among them. She was in love with Samir but he refused to marry her because she was too poor. She had to go away to marry a rich man, but it only lasted three months, and when she returned she found her father had lost his job, and she had also lost hers. She took up prostitution and began associating with a bad group of people who would use drugs together to forget the miserable realities of their lives. Among these people was the sexually impotent Ahmad, who believed drugs might cure him. Another was Talaat, a corrupt court worker who illegitimately sold judicial documents. There was also an unemployed man named Abbas who had married a wealthy cafe owner and then killed her to get her money. Samir was unable to find happiness with his wife, whom he did not love, so he broke into the gathering of drug users to be with Nadia, whom he did love, but he refused to tell them his story. They forced him to take an overdose of heroin, which killed him; then they they threw his body into the Nile. Nadia confessed to the police she had been with the drug users and had been responsible for Samir's death.

Cast and crew: Hussein Kamal, Negah El-Mogui, Hassan Hosny, Ahmed Maher, Soad Hussein, Mahmoud Hemida, Laila Eloui, Ibrahim Saleh, Wahid Hamid, Hendia, Soad Hussein

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