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Leila the Rich Girl ليلى بنت الاغنياء (Laila Mourad) - (1947) Undated Egyptian Rerelease Poster

Leila the Rich Girl (1947) - (Laila Mourad) Egyptian rerelease one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by an unknown artist to promote an undated rerelease of the 1947 Anwar Wagdi musical Leila the Rich Girl, a remake of Frank Capra's 1934 It Happened One Night, with story by Anwar Wagdi, screenplay and dialogue by Badei Khayri and starring Laila Mourad as Leila. Plot summary: Leila was a pretty girl from a rich family who had lost her mother. Her father Hassan Rostam Basha [Bechara Wakim] was dominated by his bossy new wife Monira [Olwiyya Gamil]. Monira had imposed the bridegroom Gamil [Said Abu Bakr] on Leila because he was her nephew and she was planning to use him to get the money Leila would be receiving from her father. However when Gamil approached Leila during the wedding ceremony she pushed him away and ran out of the proceedings immediately. The press was full of reports about the search for the missing bride's car, which was damaged on a bridge and fell into the water; one of Leila's shoes she had been wearing at the wedding was found in the car. The journalist Wahid [Anwar Wagdi] went to the village where the accident had taken place and found Leila's other shoe. He was surprised by the sound of the enchanting voice of a young girl sitting on the bank singing in a tortured tone of voice. Wahid approached the girl because of her beauty and the sweetness of her voice. One of the people in the village told him she was the daughter of the village mayor [Abdel Hamid Zaki]. She was sick and everyone at her house was waiting for a physician who was on the way from Cairo. Wahid knocked on the door and claimed he was the doctor from Cairo looking for the girl. Once he saw her he realized she was not the one he had seen on the bridge. Wahid and the girl, who said her name was Farhana, left the mayor's house. Then Wahid learned the girl with him was really Leila, the runaway bride everyone thought had been killed because her loose shoes had been found. Back in Cairo Wahid convinced Leila's father she was still alive by taking him to the farmer's home where she was hiding. At first Leila thought Wahid did not love her and was planning to take her back to the misery she had been fleeing in exchange for reward money; instead Wahid was finally able to awaken the conscience of Leila's father and make him aware of the conspiratorial plans of his bossy wife and her nephew. The basha divorced Monira publicly and Leila immediately went back to Wahid, who was waiting nearby.

Cast and crew: Frank Capra, Badei Khayri, Abdelhalim Nasr, Olwiyya Gamil, Bechara Wakim, Hassan Fayek, Said Abu Bakr, Abdel Hamid Zaki, Abdel Nabi Mohammed, Reyad El Kasabgy, Laila Mourad, Anwar Wagdi

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