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Dinner Date موعد على العشاء (Soad Hosny) - (1981) Egyptian one-sheet

Dinner Date (1981) - (Soad Hosny) Egyptian one-sheet

This an Egyptian 27" x 39" one-sheet poster designed by Amal and Gasour for the 1981 Mohamed Khan film Dinner Date based on a story by Mohammed Khan with screenplay and dialogue by Bachir El Dik and Starring Soad Hosny as Nawal. The film is set in Alexandria Egypt; Ahmed Zaki plays the part of hairdresser Shokri, who falls in love with Nawal. Plot summary: Nawal is oppressed by her husband Ezzat Abul-Rous [Hussein Fahmy]. She catches him with another woman and demands a divorce on the spot, but he refuses. Nawal despairs and eventually divorces Ezzat anyway, then Marries Shokri. Ezzat has Shokri killed to get revenge. Nawal learns of Shokri's death when she is called to a morgue to identify his corpse. In the final "dinner date" scene Nawal pretends to be resigned to resuming life with Ezzat, but she serves poisoned food. Both of them eat it and presumably die, but the film only shows a sad conversation in which the two seem to know this is their last meal. Dinner Date was remade in the UK in 1985 as Claudia (aka Claudia's Story) by Anwar Kawadri, starring Deborah Raffin.

Cast and crew: Zuzu Madi, Ragaa Al-Gidawy, Mohsen Nasr, Soad Hosny, Hussein Fahmy, Ahmed Zaki, Mohamed Khan, Bachir El Dik, Mohsen Nasr, Eglal Zaki, Hamdy Gheith, Zuzu Madi, Claudia, Anwar Kawadri

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