Friday, March 24, 2017

Popular Side Story قصة من الحي الشعبي (dir: Ashraf Fayek) - (2006) Egyptian one-sheet

Popular Side Story (2006) - (dir: Ashraf Fayek) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27.5" x 38.5" Egyptian poster by an unknown artist for the 2006 Ashraf Fayek film Popular Side Story written by Ahmed Abdulla and starring Nicola Saba. Plot summary: A woman who owned a popular dancing and singing troupe was looking for one of her daughters who had disappeared years earlier, but she died before she could find her. However the members of the troupe found the girl in the city of Sharm al-Sheikh, where she was working as a singer. The girl was surprised that her people, for whom she had been looking all her life, were also looking for her. Things changed after she went back to the troupe to finish her career.

Cast and crew: Ashraf Fayek, Nicola Saba, Talaat Zakaria, Saad El Soghayar, Mohamed Sharaf, Entesar, Sameh Hussein, Ghassan Matar, Ismail Ferghali, Amina, Reda Hamed, Souraya Ibrahim, Soheir El-Barouni, Ahmed Sami Abdulla

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