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Omar's Journey مشوار عمر (dir: Mohamed Khan) - (1986) Egyptian one-sheet

Omar's Journey (1986) - (dir: Mohamed Khan) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster for the 1986 Mohamed Khan film Omar's Journey based on a story by Mohamed Khan and Raouf Tawfiq and starring Farouk Al-Fichawy. Plot Summary: Omar [Farouk Al-Fichawy] lives dependent on his father the wealthy Al-Gawahargi [Mohamed Reda]. His father wants him to deliver a bag of jewels to a colleague in Tanta. On the way he runs out of gas. A worker also named Omar [Mamdouh Abd El Aleem] at a rural gas station tries to help him refuel but uses the wrong type. While they are trying to solve this problem a driver [Ahmad Abdel Waress] who had agreed to provide the correct type of fuel arrives in a big yellow dump truck and beats up Omar. The two Omars later continue the trip after picking up a local prostitute named Negah [Mediha Kamel] who is on her way to Port Said. With nothing to deliver in Tanta, they change the itinerary to take Negah to Port Said. When they stop at a restaurant for food they see the thieves in the bathroom and get into a brief inconclusive fight. Then they continue, driving at night. That night the first Omar and Negah sleep together when they stop at a hotel; then they continue the trip. On the way they are attacked again by the same thieves with the big yellow truck, who steal the jewelry and the car and abandon the truck. The three of them continue to Suez in the truck. There they find Omar's stolen automobile abandoned and wrecked by the road on a rocky beach. Negah and the second Omar continue in the truck, leaving the first Omar with the wrecked automobile. Negah gets out of the truck and hitches a ride with another truck driver after the two of them argue. She immediately begins coming on to her new driver; the film ends with the first Omar sitting sadly in his useless automobile. A radio is playing.

Cast and crew: Ahmad Abdel Waress, Mohamed Reda, Mamdouh Abd El Aleem, Ahmed Bedir, Zahrat El-Ola, Madiha Kamel, Farouk Al-Fichawy, Mohamed Khan, Tarek El-Telmessani, Raouf Tawfiq, Youcef Rajai, Samia Al-Alfy, Ismail Mahmoud, Osman Abdel Moneim, Hanem Mohamed, Zakaria Mouafi, Hosny Abdul Jalil, Ahdey Sadek, Ahmed Abu Abih, Mohamed Al-Dardiri, Magdy Ahmed Aly, Hanan Youssef

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