Friday, April 28, 2017

Mole Men against the Son of Hercules (Mark Forest) - (1961) Egyptian one-sheet

(1994) - (Rena Owen) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster by an unknown artist for the 1961 film Mole Men against the Son of Hercules AKA Maciste and the Night Queen AKA The Strongest Man in the World written and directed by Antonio Leonviola with screenplay by Marcello Baldi and Giuseppe Mangione and starring Mark Forest as Maciste, son of Hercules. Plot summary: The Mole Men under the leadership of Queen Halis Mojab [Moira Orfei] are in the business of conducting moonlight raids and capturing people who live above ground for use as slaves to work their diamond mines. In two of their raids they capture the beautiful young Princess Saliura [Rafaella Carra] along with Maciste and his friend Bangor [Paul Wynter]. The mighty Maciste must find a way to rescue Bangor, Princess Saliura and the rest of the captured slaves.

Cast and crew: Mark Forest, Moira Orfei, Paul Wynter, Raffeala Carra, Enrico Glori, Roberto Miali, Antonio Leonviola, Giuseppe Mangione, Marcello Baldi, Gianni Garko, Nando Tamberlane, Carla Foscari, Rosalia Gavo, Graziella Granata, Janine Hendy, Grazia Campori, Mara Lombardo, Luciana Vivaldi

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