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Faithful Forever وفاء للابد (Imad Hamdi) - (1962) Egyptian Film Poster

Faithful Forever (1962) - (Imad Hamdi) Egyptian one-sheet

Pictured is a 27" x 39" promotional poster designed by Mohammad Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Fouad for the 1962 100-minute Ahmed Diaeddin black-and-white film Faithful Forever AKA wafa lil-abad starring Imad Hamdi as Hamdy Hamed and Madiha Yousri as Wafa Kheir with story and dialogue by Mahmoud Sobhi and cinematography by Victor Antoun. Plot summary: Nabil Kheir [Ahmad Khamees] was a young engineer living happily in Alexandria with his daughter Mona [Alawiya Mostafa] and his wife Wafa. He was a partner in the same office with his friend Safwat Fahmy [Omar El-Hariri]. One day Nabil saw a young man trying to kill himself by jumping off a bridge and was able to save him, but he drowned in so doing and left a bereaved family. The man Hamdy Hamed Nabil had saved was stricken with remorse and wanted to atone for his guilt at any price. He tried to get close to the widow by renting a room in her house without telling her he had been the cause of her husband's death. She rented him a room because she needed the money. Hamdy began to have deep feelings for Wafa and became close to the daughter. Hamdy acquired some money, paid it to the widow and told her it came from a philanthropist. The widow accused him of stealing the money from her husband. He tried to confess to her the truth but Wafa left the country. When she returned she found Hamdy waiting for her asking her to forgive his mistake. She forgave him and they married.

Cast and crew: Omar El-Hariri, Ahmad Khamees, Alawyia Mostafa, Imad Hamdi, Madiha Yousri, Ahmed Diaeddin, Mahmoud Sobhi, Victor Antoun, Zeinab Sedky, Soheir El-Bably, Salwa Mahmoud, Mohammed Abaza, Mohamed Reda, Mahmoud Reda, Hussein Ismail, Alawiya Qadri, Noura

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