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Knight of Bani Hamdan فارس بني حمدان (Farid Shawqi) - (1966) Egyptian film poster

Knight of Bani Hamdan (1966) - (Farid Shawqi) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by an unknown artist to promote the 1966 97-minute Niazi Mostafa color film Knight of Bani Hamdan [fares bani hamdan] starring Farid Shawqi and Soad Hosny based on a story by Ali Al-Garim with screenplay by Abdel Hay Adib and dialogue by Mohammad Abouseif. Cinematography was by Wahid Farid. Plot summary: Abu Fares al-Hamdani (Farid Shawqi) was a famous Arab poet among the lords of the Al-Hamdania. He was also famous for his chivalry and bravery in the court of Prince Seif ad-Dawla. The people everywhere loved him. He fell in love with Naglaa al-Khaledia (Soad Hosny), an attractive performer in the prince's palace. This made the commander of the army jealous, and he competed with Fares for the love of Naglaa. The prince decided to appoint Abu Fares as successor to the governor of the city of Manih, while Farawia, the Hamdani army commander, began to hate him. Fares was taken prisoner and tortured by the Hamdani Empress Tifano. He learned Farawiya had made a plot on Rome's behalf to destroy the al-Hamdania government. In a wild escape Seif al-Dawlah avoided being murdered. He led the Arabs in the expulsion of Rome; then he met his love Naglaa and raised banners of victory.

Cast and crew: Niazi Mostafa, Farid Shawqi, Soad Hosny, Imad Hamdi, Leila Fawzi, Mahmoud Moursy, Adel Adham, Nadia El Guindy, Omar Zolficar, Wahid Farid, Ali al-Garim, Abdel Hay Adib, Mohammad Abouseif, Shams El-Barudy, Imad Hamdi, Omar Zulfikar, Ahmed Khamees, Nadia El Guindy

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