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Farewell to Love وداعا يا حب (Mariam Fakhr Eddine) - (1960) Egyptian rerelease one-sheet

Farewell to Love (1960) - (Mariam Fakhr Eddine) Egyptian rerelease one-sheet

Pictured is an undated rerelease Egyptian poster designed by an unknown artist for the 1960 Houssam El-din Mustafa 90-minute color film Farewell to Love [wedaan ya hob] with story, screenplay and dialogue by Fathy Abol-Fadl and cinematography by Mohamed Abdel Azim. Plot summary: Sharif [Muharram Fouad] was a young musician who did not complete his university studies. One day he found a gold chain in front of the Opera belonging to Amani [Mariam Fakhr Eddine]. He went to return it to her after reading a report about the loss of the chain. He met Amani on a farm and refused the reward. She asked him to manage the farm, which improved Ramzy's [Khalil Badreddine] straitened circumstances at a time when he was wanting to seize Amani's money. Things improved on the farm and it produced a return, but Ramzi, who was trying to manage Sharif, became more angry. He told Amani that a woman had come to him on the farm. Amani's cousin Samir came and told her he would love to marry her in accordance with her father's command. Feelings of love developed between Sharif and Amani and she asked her uncle to help Sharif sing at the Opera. She gave him some money and Sharif made a successful appearance while Ramzi became more angry; he followed Sharif when he returned to the village after the ceremony and shot him. The people were able to catch the killer but they were not able to save the life of the musician.

Cast and crew: Mariam Fakhr Eddine, Houssam El-Din Mustafa, Amal Farid, Nagwa Fouad, Abdel Ghani Kamar, Hassan el Baroudi, Mohamed Abdel Azim, Muharram Fouad, Wedad Hamdy, Samir Shadid, Ezzat Wahid, Nawal Attiya, Fathy Abol-Fadl, Mohamed Abdel Azim

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