Friday, January 18, 2019

The God of War 1976 Wing Lun Ku Chinese poster

The God of War (1976) - (Ming Lun Ku) Chinese poster

This is a 19.5" x 27.5" Chinese poster for the 1976 Hung Min Chen film The God of War AKA Zhan Shen AKA Calamity written by Ching-Chieh Lin and starring Ming Lun Ku as Chiao-Chun. Plot summary: When the earth is attacked by giant aliens from Mars with laser guns, the only defender who can stand against them is a warrior reincarnated from China's ancient history: General Guan Yunchang.

Cast and crew: Hung Min Chen, Ching-Chieh Lin, Ming Lun Ku, Hsin Tang, Ling-Ling Hsieh, Yu-Hsin Chen, Yu-Hsin Chen, Hang Chang, Tienen-Cheng Chen, Tin-ye Chen, Lung Chien, Ko-wen Chou, Chin-lung Chu, Yun-ching Hsu, Chang Sheng Ko, Yung-Lung Li, Fei Lung, Huai-chin Meng

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