Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Masked Man against the Pirates 1964 George Hilton Egyptian one-sheet

The Masked Man against the Pirates (1964) - (George Hilton) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster for the 1964 Vertunnio De Angelis film The Masked Man against the Pirates written by Aldo Barni, Giorgio Costantino, Vertunnio De Angelis and Dino Sant'Ambrogio and starring George Hilton as Juarez. Plot summary: During a fight with a Spanish ship Juarez protects the life of the pirate captain Pedro Garcia [Giovanni Vari] and is given the captive Princess Anna [Claude Dantes] as a reward. A Slaver named Ramirez [Lucio De Santis] later shows an interest in buying her.

Cast and crew: Vertunnio De Angelis, Aldo Barni, Giorgio Costantino, Dino Sant'Ambrogio, George Hilton, Claude Dantes, Giovanni Vari, José Torres, Pietro De Vico, Tony Kendall, Gina Rovere, Luciano Benetti, Lucio De Santis, Mario Zicavo, Antonio Bullo, Giorgio Costantini, Laura Forest, Luigi Antonio Guerra, Stefano Oppedisano

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