Saturday, January 12, 2019

Duel of the Titans 1961 Steve Reeves Style B Egyptian poster

Duel of the Titans (1961) - (Steve Reeves) Style B Egyptian one-sheet

This is an original folded 27" x 39" Egyptian movie poster designed by Ahmed Fouad for the 1961 Sergio Corbucci film Duel of the Titans AKA Romulus and Remus starring Steve Reeves as Romulus. Plot summary: In the days before the Roman Empire the twin brothers Romulus and Remus [Gordon Scott] are raised by a wolf. After they come of age they lead their people away from the surrounding barbarians and found a new city, Rome. This is the story of the founding of Rome.

Cast and crew: Sergio Corbucci, Ahmed Fouad, Steve Reeves, Gordon Scott, Virna Lisi, Franco Volpi, Laura Solari, Piero Lulli, Jose Greci, Gianni Musi, Andrea Bosic, Enrico Glori, Franco Balducci, Germano Longo, Bruno Tocci, Giuliano Dell'Ovo, Massimo Girotti

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